I know it is already September, but...

Hi Everyone! Again, I know it is September but I finally found an apartment and it has been quite an ordeal (continuous and ongoing!) to get an apartment (however tiny) furnished and livable with new things coming from Ikea and old things coming from Wisconsin. Anyway, I will be posting beginning the day after Labor Day (consider this my summer vacation), because if my labor over this weekend can't pull the apartment together then I'm giving up and living in my closet! Contemporary and more Modern works will be the first works to be covered, I'm going back to patronage and what it became after the Medicis. Sargent? Picasso? Gainsborough? Warhol? I will leave you with those questions.

P.S. with the help of a great friend, and a handy keepsake from the our illustrious past, I went to four museums in one day. FOUR. I believe this is a record and a deed worthy of recognition :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer. It is so hot though that it is hard to enjoy much more than a cool glass of water and the A/C... A sad truth, indeed.

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