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An article (click on the title of the post) from Vanity Fair on the new forms of art patronage. Philanthropy through the arts goes back through the beginning of the 20th century and the greatest museums in the US to Abby Aldrich Rockefeller and Peggy Guggenheim. This article chronicles some of the faces of the current patrons in Los Angeles. Portraiture is no longer the main form of patronage, now it seems to be an avenue that benefits the public instead of the artist; a public mass with very few artists making the cut. Dennis Hopper (shown above weeks before he passed away) is one of the individuals from the arts scene in the West that was both artist and patron.



Short Hiatus/Brief Respite/Lovely Interlude.... Intermission.

Hello Everyone!

As I'm sure most of you (since I assume many of you can count) have noticed, I have not been able to post everyday, 5 days a week for the last few weeks. Everything is fine (I got some worried emails!) but I am currently in a bit of a transition period (graduating from university, going home for a bit, spending time between San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, then getting ready to MOVE to New York) and so am going to take about a month long hiatus from posting regularly as I work on my life in the real world! I will post news articles that seem particularly interesting, flashes about some of the art I am seeing, but will not be posting the titular single work of art posts daily as I re-order my life and wait for my art library to catch up with me once I am settled in New York.

I hope you will check back in after August, a notoriously dead month in the art industry anyway as galleries close and auction house employees generally take vacations, so it seems a fitting time to regroup and relocate! Hope to see you back soon, and that you enjoy some of the tidbits in the interim.

Above is a work by Alexander Calder that is currently in San Francisco at the SFMoMA as part of the Fisher Collection that was recently donated upon the death of Donald Fisher, the founder of Gap Inc.

And so, I sign off with a few cliche words... See you in September.

*above picture taken by Lydia at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA.