Who Are Your Favorite Visual Artists? Guest Post by Lauren Fliegelman

Guest Post: Lauren Fliegelman's Favorite Visual Artists

At first I thought this might be an impossible task. Similar to when asked what are my favorite movies or songs are, I immediately have to ask my inquisitor for further specifics such as genre or decade. So, according to the rules and regulations as defined by Lydia’s post, this list is, for better or worse, my selections at this time and place in my life.

1. Edouard Manet
2. Fra Angelico
3. Gustave Caillebotte
4. Anselm Kiefer
5. Pollaiuolo Brothers
6. Petrus Christus
7. Giovanni Bellini
8. Emile Nolde
9. Mies van der Rohe
10. Anish Kipoor

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