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Detail: Tintoretto, Belsazar's Feast (1544-1545)

Hi Everyone,

My apologies but there will not be a post today because of technical difficulties. I promise to return Monday come hell or high water. I am writing this from the library because my MacBook has decided to not work any longer, I think the thesis is just too amazing for it to handle :) It is in the shop now and will be, hopefully, returned tomorrow.

All my best,

For your patience you get to be the first people to view my official thesis title!! I know you are so excited, you just couldn't stand the suspence could you? Drumroll.....

The Writing on the Wall: Possibilities of Jewish Patronage in Renaissance Venice and the Workshop of Jacopo Robusti, called Tintoretto.

Above is a detail from one of the cassone panels I am working on. :)

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