Welcome to the Arts Daily with Lydia!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Arts Daily with Lydia, that's me your intrepid guide. Through this blog I will be bringing you one work of art a day. They will range from my personal favorites to seminal works in art history to pieces that are making the headlines. Anything goes!

I hope to share some of my love of art history and the objects I study with everyone. In speaking to my friends recently I have realized that while many people love looking at art, very few know much about the objects they have seen for years or where to start if they want to learn. I hope this blog will be helpful to anyone who seeks to learn about art in its various settings and enjoyable to anyone who knows about art but just wants to be exposed to new ideas or objects.

I hope you will enjoy my posts, and PLEASE do not hesitate to comment or correct me. I do not pretend I know everything but I would like to share some of what I do know. I hope to impart some knowledge but also to gather some as I research the works I present and hear back from readers. Many of my close friends are art historians and I know they will not hesitate to correct or add to any of my information.

With that, I will close my introduction and get on with the art.


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  1. LYdia, this is such a great idea. I, for one, am interested in art, but I really can use some education about it. Coming in small doses on a daily basis sounds wonder to me. Mr. Guy